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CPRE Calls for Action in 2024 General Election

3rd April 2024

The forthcoming 2024 general election heralds a pivotal moment for the United Kingdom, poised at the intersection of pressing environmental crises and a housing market in disarray. As the country stands on the brink of significant change, it is imperative that the concerns articulated in the CPRE manifesto find resonance within the policies of the next government.

Addressing Environmental Challenges: The urgency of tackling environmental and climate-related issues cannot be overstated. The CPRE emphasizes the need to bridge the gap between rural and urban needs, asserting that meeting climate targets necessitates empowering communities to advocate for stringent environmental standards in future development endeavours. Moreover, the restoration of nature hinges upon enriching biodiversity in the countryside surrounding urban centres.

Resolving the Housing Crisis: Central to the electoral discourse is the imperative to address the housing crisis. The CPRE asserts that genuine affordability and the prospect of a thriving livelihood must be attainable across all regions of the nation.

CPRE Manifesto Highlights: In response to these challenges, the CPRE presents a comprehensive manifesto outlining key priorities for prospective candidates in the upcoming election:

  1. Develop a planning system for people and nature
  2. Fix the broken housing system for rural communities
  3. Enhance the countryside next door and
  4. Deliver a common sense rooftop solar revolution

Conclusion: As the nation braces for the electoral contest, CPRE urges all political parties to recognize the intrinsic value of the countryside and its pivotal role in addressing the multifaceted challenges confronting the nation. Through the adoption of practical policies delineated in the CPRE manifesto, the next government can chart a course towards a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Our manifesto for the next government
Edu Grande / Unsplash