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A family walking in the front door of their house

Places to live that are good for people and nature.

The places we live should provide us with access to everything we need for a good quality of life. It’s just common sense.

We’re working with local partners and urging the government to create well-designed, vibrant places that people want to live in – with the homes people need, great public transport links and easy access to work, leisure and nature.

Planning decisions affect us all, yet we often have very little input. We want planning to be fairer, engage communities and protect the countryside as well as regenerate our towns and villages.

It really is quite simple. We want the right kind of development in the right places for the right reasons. CPRE North Yorkshire is not about saying no to all proposals for housing or any development, we just need to ensure that what is built is needed and the impact of the development does not outweigh the benefits.

CPRE has led the way supporting communities faced with speculative development enabling them to form their own local networks backed up by CPRE North Yorkshire districts. For example, in Embsay and Cononley, two conservation areas were saved from speculative predatory development and local people empowered and inspired to lobby the local authority to create a local plan that would truly reflect the needs of their villages.