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Local transport

A family walking along the platform of a rural train station

We want everyone to have genuine, sustainable travel choices, keeping cars of the road and pollution out of the atmosphere.

We know that sustainable public transport options can be really lacking in rural areas, and the transport sector currently accounts for the largest share of UK greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why we’re working hard to advocate for local transport improvements, improving connectivity and reducing loneliness, isolation and access for everyone.

Walking, cycling and public transport are all sustainable forms of transport which we need to be able to use as much as possible. We need to plan our transport so that it close to where we live and work.

In our county, we cannot encourage more people to walk and cycle until we increase the safety of those people on narrow lanes, many of which do not have pavements or passing places.


Our vision is for a revived, revitalised railway system, for more passengers and freight. But this expansion must be planned carefully to make it affordable, and safeguard the countryside.

North Yorkshire is served by the East Coast Line linking us to London and Edinburgh from York and Thirsk (direct), however, smaller stations feed into the major rail links. Rail travel is expensive and we need to see more emphasis on making rail travel the affordable option.