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A farmer standing in front of his sheep

We want farming that works with nature

With farmland making up two-thirds of our countryside, farming is responsible for so much more than the food we eat. We need to support farming that puts back habitats for wildlife, provides fresh air and clean water, stores carbon and looks after the landscapes that make our countryside so special.

We support sustainable farming and outdoor livestock production, as the best way to maintain a beautiful, living, working countryside, diverse in wildlife. CPRE North Yorkshire campaign to ensure that all agricultural land is valued. North Yorkshire contains important grazing land which sadly falls outside the ‘Best and Most Versatile’ classification.

Our farmers are the guardians of the countryside, their success means that the countryside they farm is maintained. The iconic dry stone walls of the Yorkshire Dales, for example, don’t just grow! Not only do they provide outstanding images but they are part of nature’s biodiversity superhighway ensuring connectivity between species and places.