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North and East Yorkshire’s Best Churchyard 2023

Dr M W Charlton
By Dr M W Charlton
19th October 2023

The CPRENEY Churchyard Competition, a much-anticipated event, never fails to ignite my excitement. It’s a stage where diverse ideas come to life and evolve in fascinating ways.

I really look forward to the CPRENEY Churchyard Competition and seeing different ideas exemplified and developed. This year unfortunately I have been spending too much time either in hospital or in waiting rooms. I know given the choice which I prefer!

This year you would have thought it would be easy with three entrants, but no, much more complicated. Each Churchyard showing the highest standards and evident enthusiasm of the local community supporters. Escaping from the medics each churchyard exemplified the calmness of the classic English Country Churchyard.

I did manage to visit all three Churchyards a number of times as seasonality is key – it always helps if there is a collection of photographs in the entrants packs.

Kirkburn has excellent Springtime wildflowers – this was a passing visit as a consequence of last years submission- I wanted to see the blooms, It was as good as expected. Stillington exemplified many of the key aspects of the country churchyard packed into such a small space and has a well established management that shines through with the long term vision of the local community.

St Oswald’s, Great Ayton, however just had the edges it the competition with all judges in agreement. Simply put, a classic country churchyard, exemplifying seasonality and community work.

Congratulations to all!