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Riverford’s Fair to Farmers Charter: A Call for Supermarket Support

19th October 2023

In a time of uncertainty for British fruit and vegetable farmers, Riverford has launched its “Fair to Farmers Charter,” calling on all supermarkets to adopt five essential sourcing principles.

Recent statistics reveal that almost half of these farmers (49%) fear going out of business within the next 12 months, with 75% citing supermarket behaviour as a primary contributing factor. Riverford believes that these principles, if universally embraced, could bring transformative change to the lives of farmers, offering them much-needed stability, a reliable income, and safeguarding the future of British food and farming for the long term.

The Plight of British Farmers:

A staggering 49% of British fruit and vegetable farmers currently live under the shadow of imminent business closure. This unsettling statistic reflects the harsh reality that the backbone of our food industry faces. Additionally, a significant 75% of farmers identify supermarket behaviour as a major factor exacerbating their concerns. The situation paints a grim picture of the challenges these farmers endure daily, constantly grappling with the unknown. They face questions about their income, crop sales, and whether their produce will be accepted or rejected by the supermarkets.

Riverford: Farmers Taking Action:

Riverford is not just a proponent of change; they’re leading by example. As a company with firsthand experience in the farming industry, they know the challenges and hardships faced by farmers. After years of enduring unfavorable treatment from supermarkets, Riverford decided it was time to make a difference. Over the past 35 years, they have pioneered a transparent and equitable supply chain for their veg boxes, setting a revolutionary standard in the industry.

The Fair to Farmers Charter:

Riverford’s mission is clear: they want to see all UK farmers thrive under conditions similar to those they have successfully established. To realize this vision, they are urging major supermarket chains to adopt and adhere to the principles outlined in their “Fair to Farmers Charter.” The charter embodies a commitment to fairness and equity, seeking to eliminate the disparities in the treatment of farmers. By encouraging supermarkets to get on board, Riverford aims to make farming not only sustainable but also rewarding and reliable for those who work tirelessly to put food on our tables.

In conclusion, Riverford’s “Fair to Farmers Charter” serves as a beacon of hope for British fruit and veg farmers. By rallying for the support of major supermarkets, Riverford envisions a future where farmers can look forward to stable incomes, consistent support, and a thriving British food and farming sector. Their mission is not only a call to action; it’s a testament to the power of fair and equitable partnerships in sustaining the lifeblood of our nation’s agriculture.

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