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Driving Change: A Blueprint for UK Transport Decarbonisation

8th February 2024

Our world stands at a critical juncture, driven by the imperative to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The transformation required spans every aspect of our lives, including how we travel, transport goods, and design our urban spaces. At the forefront of this monumental shift is Cut Carbon, serving as your trusted source for cutting-edge insights and resources on UK transport decarbonisation.

Empowering Decision Makers: Cut Carbon is more than just a repository of information; it’s a catalyst for change. In a landscape marked by rapid technological advancements, informed decision-making is paramount. Cut Carbon provides decision-makers with the tools and knowledge needed to drive progress towards zero-carbon transport.

Key Areas of Focus: The scope of Cut Carbon’s expertise is vast, encompassing critical areas such as lower carbon air travel, smart vehicle-to-grid connectivity, freight transport decarbonisation, electrification, hydrogen fuels, and place-based mobility. By addressing these key areas, Cut Carbon aims to catalyze transformative change across the entire transport ecosystem.

Connecting Knowledge Networks: As the nexus for five transport carbon-cutting knowledge networks, Cut Carbon harnesses expertise from diverse disciplines, including science, engineering, and social science. By collating leading insights on decarbonisation, Cut Carbon ensures a holistic approach to tackling this complex challenge.

Charting the Path Forward: Having completed its initial phase, Cut Carbon not only provides a blueprint for decarbonisation but also identifies the next frontier in addressing key challenges facing the sector. By serving as a conduit for emerging research initiatives, Cut Carbon remains at the forefront of driving innovation and progress.

How You Can Support Us:

  • Share our social media posts and assets, tagging @CutCarbonNet.
  • Link to our campaign landing page or toolkit
  • Feature Cut Carbon in your newsletters, blogs, and articles.
  • Write to your local MP, advocating for decarbonised transport prioritisation.

DecarboN8: Every locality has its unique net-zero transport future, shaped by and benefiting local communities and economies. Visit the DecarboN8 website to access resources and insights across topics in net-zero transport and place-based implementation.

Conclusion: As we navigate the transition towards a zero-emission transport future, initiatives like Cut Carbon and DecarboN8 play a pivotal role in guiding decision-makers and stakeholders. Together, let’s accelerate the journey towards a sustainable, carbon-free transport ecosystem.

Chun Chen / Unsplash