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My North Yorkshire Writing Competition 2020 Winners

25th February 2020

Thank you to all the schools and children who entered our competitions this year – we had more entries than ever before! Over 700 individual entries.

There were lots of excellent pieces of work, making it very difficult for the judges to pick the winners.

But we are pleased to announce the following results:


Sofia  (Langton Primary School)

Category Winner:


Ruby  (Langton Primary School)



Whitby is a great place to visit because you meet lots of new friends.

Whitby is very big.

The lifeboat station in Whitby is very big because lots of people work there.  The boats are very big.

You can eat scrumptious fish and chips.



When all the boxes were packed, when all the lights were off, when the lorry was fully loaded, we set off. On the roads, past the tower blocks, down the high street and away from the city. 4 hours motorway, streets and A-roads, then… A whole new world!

The rugged, wild and windy moors glow a bright, tantalising purple as the heather elegantly dances in the beautiful breeze and the sheep run happy and free. The long, emerald green grass whistles a pretty tune while, to your surprise, you are swept off your feet by the strong, powerful and almighty wind. A smile plastered on your face; North Yorkshire’s moors are truly stunning, furthermore they are classed as an area of outstanding natural beauty! Meanwhile, by the coast a wave crashes up against the hard stone walls as people lick their lovely lollipops and others tear off pieces of pale pink and pretty candyfloss, they squeal in utter delight as it melts in their mouth; but, what was that? ‘Crunch, crunch, crunch!’ Of course it is the sound of hard, tasty rock being enjoyed! Cute pooches patrol the rocky, untamed coastline with the noisy, thieving seagulls loudly shrieking.

The wildness and the fun: this is why I love the North Yorkshire countryside.

Peaceful, tranquil villages nestled amongst the great, green rolling hills; their small communities as cheerful as can be. Old cottages, which always have a story to tell, line the cobbled streets, history oozing from their walls. Suddenly, from behind the trees appears the pulchritudinous Rievaulx Abbey! Rievaulx is a dazzling, derelict old abbey: the setting sun illuminates this divine place as the grass is lovingly nibbled at by the sheep admiring the ancient, weathered stone walls. This charming, calm and centuries old building delights many onlookers, who are enthralled by the view.

The peacefulness, the history and the beauty: this is why I love the North Yorkshire countryside.

The picturesque dales, the chugging steam train making its way slowly down the steel tracks and the magnificent stately homes; the beautiful scenes make and artist’s canvas come to life. The sheer beauty: this is why I love the North Yorkshire Countryside. The North Yorkshire countryside mesmerises and captures the hearts of thousands of people; my heart has been caught by this utterly breath taking place. If I had not seen the moors and the coast, if I had not visited the harmonious villages, if I hadn’t moved to this splendid county, then I would never have been able to define wildness, fun, peacefulness, history or beauty. Imagine a place where everyone is friendly, where there is a wildlife paradise outside your front door, where you can witness Britain at its beautiful best – this place is North Yorkshire, the place I love. My heart will forever live in North Yorkshire. They say home is where the heart is and that is certainly true.

This is why I love the North Yorkshire Countryside.



Congratulations to them all.