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Take part in Help Out

9th May 2023

Join in with our Hedgelife Help Out between 1 and 31 May and help us build a nationwide picture of how healthy our hedgerows are.

As part of the Big Help Out, we’re asking people nationwide to check the health of their local hedgerows, and take part in Hedgelife Help Out.

Hedgerows are the vital stitching in the patchwork of our countryside. Not only are they beautiful, with shifting seasonal colours, but they also provide homes and corridors for wildlife. And all the while they help tackle the climate crisis by capturing carbon. In fact, CPRE has been campaigning on behalf of hedgerows for many years, calling them the ‘unsung heroes of the countryside’.

Hedgelife Help Out has been created in collaboration with the Tree Council, and involves checking on a hedgerow local to you (or one you can visit). It will help us get a picture of the state of our hedgerow network and, we hope, make you want to find out more about hedgerows.

Taking part in Hedgelife Help Out is simple. Just find a hedgerow near you, and fill in a short online form answering a few simple questions. You can use our rough guide around the hedges to help you! You can take part and submit your results for Hedgelife Help Out throughout May.

Found a hedge? Send us your results!

CPRE will use the information you gather to build up a picture of hedgerows around the country. It’ll help show how diverse our hedgerows are and how they make countryside and urban places more beautiful.

K. Mitch Hodge